Group, private & corporate classes. All levels welcome. 

So the big question -

      Why Yoga?


Well why not?! Find me someone who doesn’t want to be capable, comfortable and content within their own body and lives. Whether you're new to Yoga or have an advanced practice, looking to try something different for your mental health, or to improve your flexibility and strength. Yoga I believe is for everyone. Literally everyone.  You do not need to bend like a pretzel or drink green tea to enjoy yoga. Just a curious mind, and a willingness to move, stretch and breathe; maybe in new challenging ways. 

Ultimately my hope is to inspire you to step onto your mat, and move along with me.

So please see current class schedule and descriptions below.

Class Schedule 


Flowing into Autumn


Monday  -

Mindful Morning Yoga - 07:00 - 07:45

Stretchy Suzie's**

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Studio Classes

Wednesday - 

Hot Yoga – 18:00 - 19:00 

The Yoga Hub UFit 

I also teach corporate & private clients weekly. 

Please contact me if this is of interest. 

My classes are offered to suit a variety of abilities, with a reminder that we are all beautifully unique. Please feel free to shoot me a message with any questions. No question is a silly one. 

Mats. blocks and bolsters are provided in classes at Stretchy Suzies only.  You are of course welcome to bring along your own. 

Inviting you to let go of any judgments and come exactly as you are.

*Please note my classes are separate to Stretchy Suzies. *

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