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Morning Rituals


Morning Rituals - Do You Have Any?

“I have always been delighted at the prospect of a new day, a fresh try, one more start, with perhaps a bit of magic waiting somewhere behind the morning.” -J. B. Priestley

 I used to be one of those get up as late as possible, rush through my breakfast and coffee; all whilst getting ready and run out of the door to my day. It was not really an ideal way to start the day. My mind would be already buzzing and rushing through with what I had to do, and quite honestly I was a little grumpy. Aside from my travelling days mornings are just not my thing. I like my bed and I like to sleep. Especially when the mornings are dark and cold, I would prefer to stay all cosy and warm under my and duvet - dreaming of some magical and mystical place.


I have since incorporated healthier habits into my mornings to help with my grumpiness. Meditation, gratitude list, breath work, Yoga - have all made SUCH the difference to my mental and physical health. I now consciously take my time to kindly wake myself up and start my day on a positive. This helps hugely in changing my mindset completely for that day. Anything is then possible - world domination! Kidding of course. 


Holding onto morning rituals as the world seems to be going wild during lockdowns etc is so important. As is slowing down enough to take care of ourselves, it really is not a waste of time. And consistently loving and taking care of your physical and mental body, gives you the fuel you need to be at your best every day. It helps your soul feel good. It has also been shown that if we are kinder to ourselves we are then much kinder to everyone else. So we all benefit. Even just incorporating a few minutes of stretching into your day will help increase blood flow throughout your entire body - giving you a lovely little boost of positive energy. 


Of course building healthier habits takes time, commitment and a lot of patience. It doesn’t happen overnight, and I am definitely not perfect. But when I don’t start my morning with these rituals I notice such a difference in my mood. I am still not a morning person; but I am working on it.

Coffee also helps!

Image by Brigitte Tohm