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Refresh Your Morning -
7 Day Morning Yoga Series 


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If you’ve ever wanted to start and maintain a consistent morning yoga practice, this is the perfect series for you. 

Each morning you’ll gently wake up both body and mind with grounding poses, breath and strength exercises, and delicious stretches to clear out the cobwebs and creaky bodies. Yes I can relate!

Each class is just 20 minutes long, and are all stretch sequences that follow the natural phases of the week; from an energizing Monday flow to a slow Sunday stretch. 

A few benefits of this series: 

           Boost energy, strength, and flexibility 
           Reduce stress and tension 
           Develop a consistent morning yoga practice

These classes are also pre-recorded so can be practiced at your own comfy convenience, and in whatever order you would like. Yes Monday can also be do you!

For practicing yoga in the morning is one of the best things you can do for your physical, emotional and mental health! So I invite you to start your day on a positive with some mindful morning movement.