A little about me

I'm Siobhan, a 30 year old yoga teacher with a heart for exploring this beautiful world. As well as a passion for practicing Yoga, and sharing the tools it provides for your well-being.


I can be a bit weird, just a tad obsessed with coffee, and feel most at home when out in nature. Barefoot preferably. I also try and do my bit for taking care of our wonderful planet.


I've had a devastating break up with cheese due to a fairly recent discovery of a lactose intolerance. Though this has meant a healthier change with the foods I put into my body, and I feel heaps better for it! Admittedly I still miss cheese. 

And do I have it all together? Absolutely not. That is part of life's wonderful journey, and also why I practice Yoga!

Read below for my story. 


My Story

After graduating from university, I decided to embark on an adventurous journey exploring this wonderful world. It has been quite the journey, and after 8 magical years my wandering soul returned to the U.K. Why is this relevant? Well with a grateful heart travelling has given so much to me, and in particular drumroll… Yoga! 


I was first introduced to Yoga in 2016 through a super awesome yoga teacher whom I met within a hostel in New Zealand. I went to my first class within a Lulu lemon store, and I was hooked straight away! For I had finally found something that gave just as much to my mental health, as it did to my physical. 


Yoga and meditation have truly changed my life. This practice has given tools that can be carried much further into my life than just onto my little sanctuary, my mat. And these tools at my lowest points have saved me.


I knew I wanted to be able to share this beautiful practice with others. So in 2019 I graduated from my 200 Hour RYT Yoga Teacher Training whilst living in Copenhagen. This was in Yin, Hatha and Vinyasa. And during this period Glowing Little Yogi was born.


Glowing Little Yogi came from a discussion of a 'before Yoga me' and an 'after Yoga me'. Well the Yoga ‘glow’ is definitely a thing, and at 5ft 2" ‘little’ is my middle name. Be that as it may Yoga is helping me stand just that little bit taller.

So I will be bold enough to say that creating space and nourishing in mind, body and soul is life-altering! I hope you see that also, see you on your mat.